Toronto, Ontario – June 1, 2015 – Toronto speech and language services company Kids Can Communicate recently redesigned their website to allow for a more comfortable, user-friendly experience. From resources to aid those seeking information on speech impairment to blogs that focus more on stories from personal experience, the redesigned website seeks to support the company’s goals of aiding in communication development.

“I believe in empowering parents and clients with information about assessment and treatment,” said Sharon Cherniak, founder of Kids Can Communicate and trusted speech pathologist. “When it comes to adults and older children, it is important to listen well to the person and craft an individualized program that is successful and efficient.”

Kids Can Communicate offers services for a wide variety of problems including autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities and language delays, among others. With comprehensive assessments used for diagnosis and a variety of solutions to deal with these problems, their services are designed to cover all aspects of the communication spectrum in both children and adults.

Some symptoms of speech impairment in children include minimal talking, difficulty being understood, difficulty following directions and a history of hearing problems or ear infections; in adults, symptoms include stuttering, voice problems and tongue thrust issues. The earlier you notice these signs, the more effective you or your child’s recovery will be using proven therapy methods.

The new simple but effective Kids Can Communicate website reflects their commitment to making information about Toronto speech and language services as easy to obtain as possible. With plenty of resources and information on the various kinds of speech disorders, you will be able to find what you need with ease. To speak to their staff directly, give them a call at (416) 221-1459. 

About Kids Can Communicate!

Kids Can Communicate aims to provide speech therapy services to both children and adults using unique, individualized programs and collaboration with psychologists, physical therapists and more. These services are offered by founder by Sharon Cherniak, who has been helping people better their communication skills since 1988. For more information, visit