Speech Therapy Services for Children

Kids Can Communicate! provides comprehensive assessments and therapy for children in a play-based environment. Parents are encouraged to participate in the therapy process so that generalization of the therapy goals at home and at school is encouraged from the beginning.

Does your child …

  • have few words or is late to talk?
  • have difficulty being understood?
  • have difficulty following directions?
  • have difficulty saying complete sentences?
  • not interact well with peers and/or family?
  • have a history of hearing problems or ear infections?
  • have a development disorder or delay?

At Kids Can Communicate! we are experienced helping children with various communicative problems including:

  • articulation/speech clarity
  • language skills:
    • working memory
    • vocabulary development
    • word-finding
    • grammar/syntax
    • language comprehension
  • phonemic awareness
  • stuttering
  • autism spectrum disorders:
    • engagement and interaction
    • pragmatic language and social skills
  • symbolic play skills and language of play
  • motor speech (apraxia)
  • language learning disorders
  • attention deficit disorder
  • voice problems
  • developmental disorders
  • tongue thrust and swallowing

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