Your child may require speech therapy and may be seeing a school SLP. Here’s are some ways how to help your child with the speech targets at home.

1. If your child is working on a specific sound, help him to become aware of that sound by pointing out things in the environment that contain the sound. You can do this in a number of ways:
a. Go on a “Sound Walk”. Hunt for things in or outside of the house that have the child’s speech sound.

b. Look through magazines for pictures or words that have his speech sound.

2. Once your child can say the sound correctly in words, have her practice saying some of those words for you. When that becomes easy, have her say them in sentences.
a. Spelling Search – Have the child search her spelling list for words that have her sound in. Say them aloud.

b. Silly Sentences – See who can make up the silliest sentence using one of your child’s speech word

3. When your child is able to say his speech sound in words and sentences, have him begin to practise reading aloud using his sound correctly. For beginning readers, have him read from his schoolbooks or storybooks he enjoys. Read poems, comic books, cereal boxes, signs, board game instructions; anything your child enjoys reading. (This will help improve reading skills too!)

Contact me to continue to learn how to generalize the sounds to conversation.

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