Behaviour and Communication- the link?

When children have trouble expressing their thoughts and feelings, they may show their frustration. Below are some suggestions:

  1. Label the feeling you see. Validate it calmly. It is OKAY to feel a certain way. This gives them the vocabulary of feelings and demonstrates how to self-regulate and find a calm state.
  2. Model the behaviour we want to see. We adults have to deal with our frustrations well if we want to teach our children.
  3. Teach your child control words such as “no, stop, wait, my turn, me too”. Gestures or pictures can be used if words are not possible yet.
  4. Observe your child’s body movements, facial expressions and gestures. The words may not fully tell the story.
  5. Be a detective to figure out what the problem is. Listening and observing are more powerful tools than talking.
  6. Read the book by Dr. Stuart Shankar called Self-Reg to learn about self-regulation. Connected Parenting by Jennifer Kolari also is a winner.


Speech and language delays may explain the behaviour challenges in part.

If your child needs help with his/her communication skills, contact Sharon at Kids Can Communicate as soon as possible.

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