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Sharon Cherniak, Speech-Language PathologistSharon Cherniak is a Speech-Language Pathologist who has been helping people communicate better for since 1988. She has worked in community hospitals and schools, on multi-disciplinary teams, and in private practice since 1995.

Sharon Cherniak has been a member of the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologist (CASLPO) and of the Ontario Association of Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA) since 1988. Sharon consistently studies a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to maintain the highest level of care. She is Hanen and PROMPT (level 1) certified. Sharon has taken many courses over the years to learn more about Autism, Fluency, Articulation Delays/Disorders, Motor Speech Difficulties (Apraxia), Voice Problems, Preschool and School-Age Language skills, ADHD, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and PEC (Picture Exchange Communication). At Kids Can Communicate!, Sharon provides comprehensive assessments and individualized intervention programmes based on the needs of each person.

Sharon Cherniak’s Values of Practice

For Children:

  • I believe in early intervention.
  • I believe in empowering parents and clients with information about assessment and treatment.
  • I believe in parent participation in therapy.
  • I believe in each child’s ability to communicate.
  • I believe in collaborating with teachers, daycare staff, behaviour therapists, psychologists, developmental physicians, orthodontists, occupational and physical therapists.

For Adults and older children:

  • I believe in listening well to the person and crafting an individualized programme that is successful and efficient.

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