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How To Embrace Your Pauses When Speaking

The Pause That Refreshes

“I, er, uh, ummm, basically, actually, you know what I mean”.

How many times have we heard this? No, we don’t know what you mean?  These are filler words that fill in for uncomfortable silences when we are not sure what to say or how to continue.

When we …

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Stories are important!!

An article in the Globe and Mail, April 28, 2016 discussed studies with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). While subjects were listening to hours and hours of stories, researchers were recording their blood oxygen level activity in the brain.

Speech and Learning Through Stories

The results showed that listening to stories …

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“Use Your Words” ?!?!

Fall Bulletin 2015- # 13
Behaviour Problems and Communication

An article in the Globe and Mail (December 2014) described the strategy that many parents use when their children are upset, demanding attention and having a meltdown. Parents often say “use your words” unrealistically asking the child to be rational and …

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