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Behaviour and Communication- the link?

When children have trouble expressing their thoughts and feelings, they may show their frustration. Below are some suggestions:

Label the feeling you see. Validate it calmly. It is OKAY to feel a certain way. This gives them the vocabulary of feelings and demonstrates how to self-regulate and find a calm state.
Model …

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Child Development Milestones

16 Gestures by 16 Months

Your child is communicating much earlier than his/her first spoken words. Gestures are social communication skills, which according to research, predicts the language ability of preschoolers 2 years later and academic success after that. Between 9 and 16 months, the child develops 2 new …

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“Use Your Words” ?!?!

Fall Bulletin 2015- # 13
Behaviour Problems and Communication

An article in the Globe and Mail (December 2014) described the strategy that many parents use when their children are upset, demanding attention and having a meltdown. Parents often say “use your words” unrealistically asking the child to be rational and …

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Imitation skills

Watch this fabulous sound play! Dad imitates son and plays with his voice and vowels! Great bonding!

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