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“Use Your Words” ?!?!

Fall Bulletin 2015- # 13
Behaviour Problems and Communication

An article in the Globe and Mail (December 2014) described the strategy that many parents use when their children are upset, demanding attention and having a meltdown. Parents often say “use your words” unrealistically asking the child to be rational and …

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Toronto Speech and Language Services Company Kids Can Communicate! Has Launched their Newly Designed Website

Toronto, Ontario – June 1, 2015 – Toronto speech and language services company Kids Can Communicate recently redesigned their website to allow for a more comfortable, user-friendly experience. From resources to aid those seeking information on speech impairment to blogs that focus more on stories from personal experience, the redesigned …

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Speech Therapist Pam Marshalla

It is with deep sadness and extreme gratitude that I write this testimonial to Pam Marshalla, who passed away on June 9, 2015. She was a family person, an author and a “clinician’s clinician” whose practical books and seminars successfully integrated research data and clinical experience. Many have become best-sellers …

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Imitation skills

Watch this fabulous sound play! Dad imitates son and plays with his voice and vowels! Great bonding!

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