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       You’re The Storyteller: The Surprise


I need to tell you about my favorite storytelling app. In this delightful animated story, a boy brings home a stray dog and attempts to hide it from his mother. Using body language, facial expressions, …

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Behaviour and Communication- the link?

When children have trouble expressing their thoughts and feelings, they may show their frustration. Below are some suggestions:

Label the feeling you see. Validate it calmly. It is OKAY to feel a certain way. This gives them the vocabulary of feelings and demonstrates how to self-regulate and find a calm state.
Model …

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How To Embrace Your Pauses When Speaking

The Pause That Refreshes

“I, er, uh, ummm, basically, actually, you know what I mean”.

How many times have we heard this? No, we don’t know what you mean?  These are filler words that fill in for uncomfortable silences when we are not sure what to say or how to continue.

When we …

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Child Development Milestones

16 Gestures by 16 Months

Your child is communicating much earlier than his/her first spoken words. Gestures are social communication skills, which according to research, predicts the language ability of preschoolers 2 years later and academic success after that. Between 9 and 16 months, the child develops 2 new …

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Voice Training and Speech Therapy

Use An Effective Voice When Speaking and Presenting

Would you believe that?

…People who have poor speaking voices – ones that do not project and are grating – are almost unaware of this?

…Being tall and strong does not guarantee you a deep rich resonant voice?

…Women, …

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Stories are important!!

An article in the Globe and Mail, April 28, 2016 discussed studies with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). While subjects were listening to hours and hours of stories, researchers were recording their blood oxygen level activity in the brain.

Speech and Learning Through Stories

The results showed that listening to stories …

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